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​The Bandit Belt Drive cold water units are reliable and made to last.
This unit comes in two different models:

B-4040HC:   4000psi     4.0gpm

B-5530HC:  3000psi       5.5gpm

For more information on these units please click on the pictured unit or feel free to call us at 410-430-9764
​The Bandit ultra skids are made with stainless frames, custom built, powered by Gx690 honda motors, and comet pumps. These skids come in various flow and psi rates.
​B-K5535HC 3500psi  5.5  gpm
B-K8030HC 3500psi  8.0 gpm
B-K8030HC 3500psi   8.0 gpm
B-K1025HC 2500psi   10.0 gpm
B-K5050HC 5000psi  5.0  gpm

The Smoking Bandit hot water skid is one of our top sellers. This unit comes in fully loaded, powered by a Honda GX630 and are built with comet pumps. This skid allows easy service and is built with a compact 4ftx4ft design, allowing for more space on your rig. The Smoking bandit is strong, reliable, and built to preform!

B-SH5535HC 3500 psi   5.5 gpm
B-SH8030HC 3000 psi   8.0 gpm

The dragon portable hot water series allow for portability and power.  The dragon series come in two models:
D-H4040HC 4000 psi 4.0gpm Gas Driven Series

D-H2015BC 1500 psi  2.1 gpm Electric Driven Series